Supply and Installation of IT Equipment, Furniture, Tools and Special Electrical Equipment for the Restoration Unit at National Art Gallery in Tirana Albania Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB/2023/46589
Beneficiary countries: Multiple destinations (see 'Countries' tab below)
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 02-May-2023
Deadline on: 31-May-2023 12:00 0.00

ITB Goods/Services - ITB Goods/Services - Supply and Installation of IT Equipment, Furniture, Tools and Special Electrical Equipment for the Restoration Unit at National Art Gallery in Tirana Albania
  • Lot 1: IT Equipments for National Art Gallery      
  • Lot 2: Environmental equipment and storage cabinets for art works        
  • Lot 3: Electrical tools and mixers for art works
  • Lot 4: Electrical and mechanical tools for transporting and restoration of artworks
  • Lot 5: Special Working Desks and chairs        

The United Nations Office for Project Services (hereinafter referred to as UNOPS) is pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit a bid in accordance with the UNOPS General Conditions of Contract and the Schedule of Requirements as set out in this Invitation to Bid (ITB).

The ITB consists of the following: 
  • Section I: Instructions to Bidders
  • Section II: Schedule of Requirements
  • Section III: Returnable Bidding Forms 
  • Form A: Bid/No Bid Confirmation Form
  • Form B: Checklist Form
  • Form C: Bidder Information Form 
  • Form D: Joint Venture Partner Information Form
  • Form E: Bid Submission Form
  • Form F: Price Schedule Form
  • Form G: Technical Bid Form
  • Form H: Bid Security Form (Alternatively Bid Security Declaration form)
  • Form I: Manufacturer’s authorization form 
  • Form J: Performance Statement Form
  • DRIVE Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire
  •  Section VI: Contract Forms 
  • VI-1: UNOPS General Conditions of Contract for Goods and Services
  • VI-3: UNOPS Purchase Order will apply  
  • Document in PDF - National Gallery Equipment Specification and delivery location 

If you are interested in submitting a bid in response to this ITB, please prepare your bid in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this ITB and submit it to UNOPS by the deadline for bid submission set out in Section I: ITB Particulars.
Please acknowledge receipt of this ITB by returning Form A (see Section V, Returnable Bidding Forms) as far in advance of the bid opening date as possible,via ESourcing, indicating whether or not you intend to submit a bid. If you are declining to bid, please state the reasons on the form in order for UNOPS to improve its effectiveness in future invitations.
We look forward to receiving your bid.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the UNOPS eSourcing system, via the UNGM portal. In order to access the full UNOPS tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a UNOPS vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available at:

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