Invitation to bid: Company to of fit-out implementation/construction and furniture fittings. Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB-2023/001
Beneficiary countries: Cambodia
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 08-Feb-2023
Deadline on: 28-Feb-2023 17:00 (GMT 7.00)


1. Background

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Cambodia is planning to relocate to new office premises in Phnom Penh. The total area for the office – that will be split into four different spaces – will be in total around 1,000 square meters. The ILO is looking for the company to fit out work to the new office into a friendly workplace for ILO team. The design has already been agreed upon; being neat and clean, using simple colours that are suitable for the ILO branding, to create uniqueness which meet the organisational characteristics. The selected company will

A. Scope of work

  • Task 1: Fit out implementation/construction


a) Building walls and security doors control

b) Build/install new partitions, doors, walls

c) Paint the ceiling and walls

d) Install flooring - carpet or vinyl

e) Installation of electrical system

f) Installation of data & telephone sockets, server room, patch panel.

g) Installation of water system

h) Installation of security system

i) Installation of CCTV layout

j) Installation of sound system

k) Installation of fire safety system

Including other scope of work in MEP and BOQ.

  • Task 2: Furniture


Purchase, Install and set up all furniture supplied according to the approved design


  • List the activities for which ILO will be responsible where relevant for the provision of facilities or professional support
  • ILO will assign a focal person who will coordinate with supplier on a daily basis and liaison to act immediately.


  • The company must submit progress updates and invoice for receipt of payment as per schedule.


  • ILO reserves the right to terminate the contract due to poor performance/reluctance/ poor communication/ or without showing any reason in any time without any prior notice.

E. Requirements

Minimum Eligibility criteria for Company/Supplier:

  • The company/supplier must have valid Trade License
  • The company/supplier must have at least three years of experiences in similar assignments in Cambodia
  • The company/supplier must have experience in delivering at least three similar assignments working on office premise fit out implementation / Construction

F. Minimum Eligibility criteria for Team Leader

  • Academic Qualification – The team leader must be BSc. Engineer/ Architect from Reputed Engineering University
  • Experience
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Internal Decoration and Civil engineering
  • At least 3 similar working experiences with an International Organisation or Private sector

G. Duration

The work under this assignment will start no later than 13 March 2023 and end by end of 21 April 2023. This timeline can be modified through mutual agreement.

H. Submission of Proposal

Interested suppliers are requested to submit all mandatory documents by 28 Feb 2022, including a

  • Annex I: Instructions to Bidders;
  • Annex II-A: Acknowledgement of Receipt;
  • Annex II-B: Bidder’s Declaration Form;
  • Annex II-C: Bidder’s Information Form;
  • Annex II-D: Recent References;
  • Annex II-E: Price Submission Form;
  • Annex II-F (Bidder's work plan)
  • Annex II-J (Bid security) at least 2% or above
  • Annex III: Description of the Requirements; and
  • Annex IV: Terms and Conditions applicable to ILO Contracts.
  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal

The proposal shall be sent in two separate sealed envelopes to ILO Better Factories Cambodia located #9, street 322, Beoung Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh. For further questions, clarification should be sent by email to


Confidentiality Statement

All data and information received for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference.