RFP for Event Management Firm to Provide Event Management and Logistics Support Request for proposal

Reference: UNDP-NGA-00098
Beneficiary countries: Nigeria
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 02-Feb-2023
Deadline on: 03-Feb-2023 18:02 (GMT -4.00)

Request for Proposal For an Event management Firm to Provide Event Management and Logistics Support for the International Womens day Awards Gala 2023


The Event Management firm will be responsible for the provision of pre, on-the-day, and post-event management services for the International Women’s Day Awards Gala 2023. In consultation with UNDP, the service provider is expected to carry out the following tasks (but not limited to):

1.     Pre-Event (Preparatory Work)

1.1.                  Event Action Plan

a.     Formulate a time-bound action plan for all tasks related to the International Women’s Day Awards Gala 2023.

1.2.                  Event Logistics, Staging and Venue Arrangement

a.     Design and create the stage layout in consultation with UNDP

b.     Develop an event run-of-show

c.     Design an event mood board showcasing the theme for the event and ensuring the décor of the venue creates a befitting ambiance.

d.     Incorporate the services of an International Sign Language Vendor to provide translation service during event, in consultation with UNDP

e.     Source and finalize physical event venue vendors i.e. décor provider, stage construction, LED screen with integrated live-feed, in consultation with UNDP.

f.      Source and finalize vendor for provision of meals and drinks for 70 support staff and 150 drivers in consultation with UNDP

g.     Develop and finalize design and printing of event programme and event gift bags

h.     Procure gift items such as t-shirts, pens, notepads and water bottles to include in gift bags

i.       Secure the master of ceremonies and entertainment (DJ, orchestra) in close consultation with the UNDP team

j.       Procure additional tents to complement the venue’s provisions

k.     Set up an exhibition area to be toured during the cocktail hour.

l.       Procure seven branded award plaques

m.   Design event check-in process for guests

n.     Provide solutions in terms of event accessibility for people with disabilities, if needed.

2.     During the Event

 a.     Oversee the flow and management of the International Women’s Day Awards Gala 2023 including transitions between programme elements in the agenda and lead the coordination with the event.

b.     Ensure the presence of well-trained hosts/hostesses to welcome and seat guests.

 3.     Post Event

a.     Consolidate and submit final invoice and appropriate documentation.

  • The firm will be expected to provide very regular briefings and updates to UNDP and the event technical committee.

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