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RFP N° 06/2012 Provision of Internet Services to ILO CO Abuja
International Labour Organization
RFP N° 06/2012
14-Mar-2012 17:00
(GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

27 February 2012 - Please note that by the deadline foreseen in the RFP document (24 February 2012), the ILO did not receive any requests for clarification.

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the International Labour Organisation (hereinafter the “ILO”), I would like to invite your company to submit a proposal or a bid to provide the services described in the Terms of Reference (TOR) attached as Annex I and the Draft Service Contract (including the Terms and Conditions applicable to ILO Contracts for Services) attached as Annex II. The services relate to the provision of internet services (hereinafter the “Services”) to the ILO Country Office in Abuja. This solicitation letter together with its Annexes listed below form an integral part of the present Request for Proposal (RFP). To ensure competition, all interested bidders will receive the same RFP documentation.

In your proposal, it is essential that you strictly comply with the RFP, particularly, the attached Terms of Reference and the Terms and Conditions applicable to ILO Contracts for Services.

You may submit an offer to the ILO provided your organization is qualified, able and willing to perform the Services specified in the RFP. Participation in this RFP indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions provided. Failure to comply with the provisions of this RFP and its Annexes may render a proposal ineligible for consideration.

We would be grateful to receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of this invitation indicating whether you intend to submit a proposal or not.

We look forward to receiving your proposal by the closing date.

Yours faithfully,

Vittoria Pasca

Lead Buyer RFP N° 06/2012

ILO / Procurement Bureau

J - Services
81000000 - Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services
81110000 - Computer services
81112100 - Internet services
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