Provision of Evaluation Services for UNHCR Request for proposal

Reference: RFP_2021_017
Beneficiary countries: Multiple destinations (see 'Countries' tab below)
Published on: 11-Oct-2021
Deadline on: 23-Nov-2021 23:59 (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The UNHCR Evaluation Service, invites qualified suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to make a firm offer for the establishment of Frame Agreement(s) for the provision of evaluation services for UNHCR.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) will have two components 1) the main Frame Agreement that will be issued to cover Strategic and Thematic Evaluations (STEs) called Lot 1, and 2) Frame Agreements that will be awarded to individual firms that will be selected to undertake Country Strategy Evaluations (CSEs) called Lot 2 and Emergency Response Evaluations (EREs) called Lot 3 covering the entire period.

Companies can submit proposals to any, or all, of the three Lots. Proposals will be assessed against the requirements for each Lot; the result of the proposal for one Lot will not affect the outcome of the proposal(-s) for (an-)other Lot(s). However, in case a vendor scores highest overall scores for multiple lots, UNHCR reserves the right to award the lot of it’s choosing to such vendor and offer the other lot to the second highest scorer.

The UNHCR Evaluation Service welcomes proposals from companies, or commercial arms of academic institutions / non-governmental organisations located in any country. The Evaluation Service is particularly keen to attract proposals from a range of potential suppliers – small and large; with diverse teams and strongly grounded and contextualized evaluation experience and skills.