Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership - Energy Transition Round Table Grant support-call for proposal

Reference: ETP-CFP-VIP1-05/2021
Beneficiary countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Viet Nam
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 24-May-2021
Deadline on: 20-Jun-2021 23:59 (GMT 1.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca


The Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) will bring together Government Donors, Philanthropies and Partner Governments to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia, deliver the Paris agreement targets on climate change and support partner countries to achieve their national sustainable development goals. 

ETP’s strategic objective to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia is predicated on the region’s rapid growth and large populations that drive energy demand, which is expected to double by 2035. To abate damage to the human and natural capital of the region and to the world through greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the consequences of climate warming, there is a tremendous opportunity to supply this demand with renewable energy and to forge rapid energy transition. With the initial countries of intervention, Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam, having committed to energy transition through their climate commitments, they are implementing significant change through policies, regulations and programs to extend renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This Call for Proposal calls for a tailored professional forum for high caliber exchange of information to develop leadership among the region’s energy transition stakeholders, endowing these with the latest context and tools to address the issues they are challenged in their daily energy transition activities. The Call for Proposal also aims to develop champions, enhance their capacity to lead and focus on the target objective through results-generating measures, in the context of the complex and politically charged environment, in which energy transition occurs. It provides the participating leaders with tools and concepts and knowledge with which they can take action and be successful in their efforts to communicate and navigate the energy transition processes, concretely address the  impediments and provide solutions to the most pressing energy transition issue. 

The program under this Call for Proposal also enables ETP to ensure that its own support to energy transition processes critically targets priority issues and the most critical impediments and bottlenecks to enable the transition retain momentum and reach the envisaged results of the SEA countries attaining their Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate goals. 

Scope of Work

The implementation partner is expected to start activities in August 2021 and complete at least 24 sessions in 24 months of current and relevant discussions with a focus on critical subjects that can address the key challenges and impediments to energy transition to in the SEA region to expand knowledge, enable easy exchange of information and experiences, training and learning opportunities, to generate a network of knowledgeable peer stakeholders in the Region by August 2022. 


  • Activity 1. Design professional development for energy transition leadership in Southeast Asia
  • Activity 2. Delivery of the Energy Transition Round Table in Southeast Asia
  • Activity 3. Assess feedback and provide for continuous improvement of the Energy Transition Round Table

Key Output Deliverables

  • Work plan and session plans;
  • Results-based monitoring framework
  • 24 Rounds of Energy Transition Round Table sessions
  • Sustainability Plan

Interested entities should return completed forms (Annexes A, B and C) to with copy to by 14 June 2021.