Supply and Delivery of Portable Explosives Trace Detectors, Replaceable Test Units Sets and Handheld Density Meters for the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB/UKR/03/2021
Beneficiary countries: Ukraine
Published on: 21-Apr-2021
Deadline on: 03-Jun-2021 12:00 (GMT 3.00)


Supply and delivery of equipment for detection of explosives at the borders:

  • Portable explosives trace detectors (explosives detection devices) to screen people, clothing, packages, vehicles, aircrafts, pallets, containers, any large surfaces for explosives; and Sets of replaceable test units for portable explosives trace detectors (general explosives detection test units for identifying explosives);

Handheld density meters (mobile non-destructive inspection devices (scanners) to scan hard-to-reach areas of vehicle and cargos.

Anastasiya Krasnoshchoka - Anastasiya.Krasnoshchoka@osce.org
First name: Anastasiya
Surname: Krasnoshchoka
Liudmyla Oleksiienko - Liudmyla.Oleksiienko@osce.org
First name: Liudmyla
Surname: Oleksiienko