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LRQS-2021-9164493 Design and development of GenU (Social Innovation) Toolkit

LRQS-2021-9164493 Design and development of GenU (Social Innovation) Toolkit Request for quotation

Reference: 9164493
Beneficiary country(ies): Thailand
Published on: 18-Jan-2021
Deadline on: 10-Feb-2021 10:00 (GMT 7.00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta


UNICEF Thailand has now issued a Request for Quotations reference to LRQS-2021-9164493 in order to select a qualified agency/company (contractor) to provide the Design and development of GenU (Social Innovation) Toolkit.

The objective of this assignment is to seek a qualified agency/company (contractor) with technical expertise in educational product designs, especially in designing and developing innovative learning tools to foster learning experience that is more engaging, powerful and impressive. Specifically, the contractor will review the GenU Youth Challenge manual as well as the UPSHIFT youth social innovation and social entrepreneurship toolkit, then design a youth and user-friendly toolkit, targeting in particular users from the age 14 to 24, with an evaluation tool, that can be broadly disseminated and used in various settings and contexts including in schools and communities.

For more details, kindly refer to the attached Terms of Reference

The below lists of solicitation documents are hereby attached for your kind reference:

  • LRQS-2021-9164493 (21 pages) including UNICEF-General Terms and Conditions - Annex A
  • Term of Reference (TOR) - Annex B
  • Technical Response Form - Annex C – to be completed
  • Financial Response Form- Annex D-  to be completed and return in open excel (without password)

In preparation of your submission, please provide mandatory document as following:

  1. Signed RFQ form - page 3 from the LRQS document
  2. Completed of Technical Response Form - Annex C

Optional - other relevant document (containing technical proposal) attach to Annex C

       3. Completed of Financial Response Form - Annex D

Should you have any questions to the RFQ, please submit your queries to Puntita Sookchareon at psookchareon@unicef.org with cc to jbehr@unicef.org and osrimanotham@unicef.org and and vthomdon@unicef.org no later than 28 th January 2021 – so that all queries could be clarified and circulated to all bidder before the deadline. We look forward to receiving your proposals within a given timeline.

Kindly submit your proposal by reply (all) to this email at the soonest possible or before  10  February 2021, at 10:00 am Bangkok time.

Best regards,

UNICEF Supply Team

Julia Behr - jbehr@unicef.org
Email: jbehr@unicef.org
First name: Julia
Surname: Behr
Orapan Srimanotham - osrimanotham@unicef.org
Email: osrimanotham@unicef.org
First name: Orapan
Surname: Srimanotham
Puntita Sookchareon - psookchareon@unicef.org
Email: psookchareon@unicef.org
First name: Puntita
Surname: Sookchareon
Vilaiporn Thomdon - vthomdon@unicef.org
Email: vthomdon@unicef.org
First name: Vilaiporn
Surname: Thomdon
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