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Provision of the NPAA portal system

Provision of the NPAA portal system Request for proposal

Reference: RFP/2020/15347
Beneficiary country(ies): Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 10-Jul-2020
Deadline on: 14-Aug-2020 13:00 0.00

Tender description: Provision of the NPAA portal, which includes hardware upgrade, provision of the software platform, customization, installation, training and maintenace.
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This tender integrates considerations for one or a few sustainability indicators but does not meet the requirements to be considered as sustainable
Gender issues Social

The tender contains sustainability considerations addressing gender equality and women's empowerment.


Gender mainstreaming, targeted employment of women, promotion of women-owned businesses

Sustainable resource use Environmental

The tender contains sustainability considerations promoting the sustainable use of resources.


Energy-saving measures, recycling, take-back programmes and responsible end-of-life management

J  -  Services
81000000  -  Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services
81110000  -  Computer services
81111500  -  Software or hardware engineering
81111501  -  Mainframe software applications design
New clarification added: Questions:Q1: Form D: Technical Proposal Form, 1.4 Details of the local agent. Page 7.Could you clarify what the local agent consists of? Is it a team member with local expertise?Q2: Form C: Financial Proposal Form Table 2Can elements from the Cost Breakdown such as hardware, licenses and miscellaneous be expressed in separate tables with according format?Q3: Form D: Technical Proposal FormWhere should offerors include a list of compliance with the technical requirements and other details about the proposed system?Q4: Form G: Past Contracts Form Is it mandatory to include evidence of references? If yes, which formats are accepted (contracts, client references, supply confirmations, etc.)?Answers:A1: The details on the local agent can be provided for the companies outside of North Macedonia, if planned to engage the local agents for the provision of support to the implementation or technical support to the beneficairy as defined in the ToR.A2: The porposed budget categories can be modified. In case of need, the financial proposal can be supported with an additional files. It is of utmost importance that the financial proposal and supporting documentation documents, if any, are attached to the same category in the eSourcing platform, as this tender is organized as a dual envelope system and the financial porposals are to be opened only for the proposals that pass the threshold of 70% for the technical proposal.A3: The list of documents to be submitted is defined in the tender Checklist. If the forms for the technical proposal do not fit the bidders needs to describe a proposal it is allowed to submitt any additional documents supporting the technical proposal in the free form, while UNOPS forms should have the references to the supporting documentation.A4: Previous experience should be proven by the client reference letters of successfull implementation.

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New clarification added: Questions:1. In NPAA-66 it's stated that The system should enable intuitive interface for translation of the Action Plan and the reports in English. In reference to this point, does the system need to translate these Action Plans automatically or it will be done manually by translators?2. In NPAA-79 it's stated that The system should provide interface (parallel mode)  for translation of the answers for each question into  English.  What does a parallel mode mean?3. Please kindly confirm whether the technical documentation of the previous solutions will be available to the contractor.4. Having in mind the current situation and the uncertainty of the following period due to the COVID 19 Virus will there be a possibility for prolongation of the defined implementation period.Answers:1. The system should enable interface for translation to be made manually by translators.2. Parallel mode means an interface, with parallel forms for translation of answers (from Macedonian into English) and vice versa.3. Yes. Technical documentation from previous solutions for NPAA and Nlex database, will be available to the contractor.4. The implementation period of this particular project is limited by the time frame of the project that UNOPS implements with the funding provided by Donors and therefore, there are no options for prolongation of the implementation period. 

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New clarification added: Questions:1. Does the qualification criteria: The bidder needs to prove that in at least on of the last 3 years has its end year current ratio equal or higher than 1, in case of consortium, has to be fullfilled by all consortium members or only by consortium leader?2. Does the qualification criteria: The bidder needs to prove that in at least on of the last 3 years has its annual turnover of USD 800,000 or more, in case of consortium has, to be fullfilled by all consortium members or only by consortium leader?3. Since in C.6 from Section II i stated that NPAA Platform should be installed on the existing infrastructure within SEA and in the clarifications from 27.07.2020 is stated that the existing systems will not be used in the future, does this mean that the existing licenses of MS SQL RDBMS can be used for the new NPAA system? If so, please provide the information about version, type, edition and quantity of these MS SQL licenses?Answers:1. This tender doesn't require each consortium memebers to fulfill the qualification criteria.2. Same as answer number 1.3. The current software applications within SEA are working on different Microsoft SQL Express editions (SQL 2008, 2012, 2014). Please refer to the C.6. of the Technical Specification where it is stated “The Contractor should also provide all needed licenses for the Operating System (OS) and for the Database that will be used for implementation of Integrated NPAA Platform”.

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New clarification added: Question: We as an interesed bidder with extensive experience for the scope of the referenced project, in order to be able to prepare the best possible offer, would like to kindly request you for an extension of the tender bid submission deadline, due to the Covid-19 crises, and in acordance to the complexity and seriosness of the project.Answer:  Thank you for yor request.The deadline for submission of proposals is extended on 27 July 2020 until 14 August 2020. For the time being the deadline will stay until 14 August 2020, but we will re-evaluate your request and the current developments due to COVID 19 outbreak.

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New amendment added #1: Extension of the deadline for submission of proposals until 15.00 CEST on Friday, 14 August 2020

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New clarification added: Questions:1- Will the new system use any of the existing hardware?2- who will cover any license needed? How many licenses are needed? How many users will use the software?3- Will the new system operate simultaneously with the existing ones? If yes, do they needed to be integrated via e government network?4- Is there any existing storage where the backups will be stored, or should it be provided by the bidder?5- How many backups should be available the whole time?6- What is the actual size of documents stored on database? Can we have any indication about annual growth ratio?7. Due to upcoming non-working days and needs for the answers of the questions, can you please extend the deadline for offer submission for additional 10 days?Answers:1. Please refer to the section C.6. from the technical specification where it is described how the system should be installed.2. Please refer to the section B, C.6. and requirement GEN-2 from the technical specification.3. The new system is a stand alone system. The existing systems will not be used in the future.4. Please refer to the section A.6 and C.6. from the technical specification.5. This should be agreed with the benefitiary during the business analysis phase. As initial estimation, one standard backup (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly).6. The system should ensure support complete set of documents and data, needed for successful completiton of negotiations. Initial volume of data to be migrated, as starting point, are answered previously, (please see the answer on the Questions published on 19 July 2020); the annual growth ratio will depend on the dynamic of negotiation process.7. Please refer to the previously published clarifications.

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New clarification added: Questions:Q1. In Apendix 1 Evaluation criteria for previous relevant experience it is requested  that the offeror shoukd have completed at least two (2) similar projects with a total value of more than 600.000 USD. Do these projects need to be each in amount of 600 000 USD or both of them in total amount of 600 000 USD? And do these project need be in state or private companies (banks) ?Q2. For the request for additional projects For each reference of additional similar projects with a total value of more than 400.000 USD - Can you please specify if these projects need to be in special period ?Q3. Can you please specify /give more information  the following request [additional] Project with similar solution implemented in the area of planning and monitoring, reporting on benchmarks, harmonization of the National legislation with  the EU legislation and standards Answers:Q1. Total amount of 2 similar projects should be minimum USD 600,000. The projects are not defined by the ownership type of previous contractors.Q2. There is no defined time limit for additional similar projects.Q3. Similar solutions, such systems designed to support preparation, monitoring and reproting on Action plans, based on project logical framework, and for support performance framework (indicators at three levels measurement); Similar solutions on design of legislative databases/ portals (national and EU legislation) and monitoring of the harmonization process; (as explained in A6.2, B2, B3, C2.1,C2.2);

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New clarification added: Question:Can you please prolong the deadline for submission of Bids as we are in a process of creating a Consortia with a foreign partnerAnswer:As answered previously.

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New clarification added: Questions:Q1. Can you clarify if there any prerequisites regarding certificates (as proof of specific knowledge) of the proposed project team members?Consequently, will the proposed project team members be valued more if they possess any certificates?Q2. Can you provide an approximate estimate about how many persons (system administrators and end-users) are expected to be included in the training phase?Q3. Can you provide an approximate estimate about how many concurrent users are expected to use the software?Q4. Can you please provide information how do we prove the requested years of working experience for the proposed team ? (is CV enough or we have to provide additional documents like employment records, etc…)Answers:Q1. There are no specific certificates defined for this particular tender. The certificates can be submitted as a proof of knowledge of certain technology. The list of dedicated points for each team member is defined in the tender and no additional points will be granted outside of the predefined scoring methodology.Q2. As per the initial estimation, approximatately 100-150 users will have to be trained on system usage;Q3. The number of users of the system is indicated in the technical documentation. At the beginning, it is estimated that the number of concurrent users will be up to 200. This number will grow during the years, and may reach 400-500.Q4. As defined in the tender Checklist, the Team leader should provide CV, diploma, and proof of previous experience in the form of Reference letters or Contracts. For the rest of the team members, the last part is not mandatory. However, UNOPS reserves the right to check the references before entering the contract with the proposed vendor. 

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New clarification added: Question:Because of the extensiveness and complexity of the tender documentation preparation, and in order to provide beter offer, we would like to ask you to prolong the submision deadline for 3 weeks. Answer:Taking in mind current situation with the COVID 19 outbreak, the extension of the deadline for the submission of proposals is currently under approval. The information on the extension will be published on UNGM and all vendors which exxpressed interest for this tender will receive the notice.

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New clarification added: Questions:1. As stated in the Schedule of Requirements C.6. Hardware Requirements, is it mandatory to provide this hardware as a part of this engagement? We do not have local presence and cant provide the same, are we eligible to bid for this opportunity?2. Can we bid partially for the software development work only? We will deliver our services from India and can travel for few days as per project requirement, is this arrangement acceptable?3. As stated - 'IMP-10. All documents shall be submitted in English and Macedonian language' also there are requirements for application, reports etc to be in Macedonian language - Is it essential/desirable that the vendor should know the Macedonian language? Does the vendor need to coordinate with the project stakeholders/users in Macedonian language? Would you prefer Macedonian as one of the primary languages for communication?4. UNOPS team will take care of all the licenses, hardware provision and legal requirements. Datamatics will not be able to comply with local legal requirements. Kindly confirm.5. Considering the complex requirements, we would need additional time to submit our proposal. Is it possible to extend the deadline.? Answers:1. Hardware is mandatory part of the proposal.2. As defined in the tender particulars, partial proposals are not allowed for this particular tender.3. Although most of the end users speak English, it is desirable to have some team members that understand the Maacedonian langauge in order to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation, even in the form of the translator.4. All software licences and hardware should be part of the proposal.5. The extension of the deadline is under approval and it will be published on the UNGM. 

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New clarification added: Question:Will a reference signed digitally by the Contracting Authority be valid in the process of evaluation? Answer:The digitally signed reference will be accepted.

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New clarification added: Questions:Q1. Regarding the references mentioned in the Appendix 1: Evaluation criteria, in the first bullet explaining the mandatory reference it is stated “[mandatory] Two (2) similar projects with a total value of more than 600.000 USD”. As we understand it the offeror must present two references with combined value of 600.000USD. Please confirm.Q2. Regarding the references mentioned in the Appendix 1: Evaluation criteria, in the second bullet explaining additional references it is stated that “[additional] For each reference of additional similar projects with a total value of more than 400.000 USD - additional 1 point per project up to 4 points”. As we understand it there are four references with required value per reference of 400.000USD each. Please confirm.Q3. Considering the definitions of a potential consortia/joint venture set in the documents RFP-Section_III_Returnable Bidding Forms (Form A) and RFP_Section_I_Instruction to Offerors (4.Offeror Elegibility), and in that context regarding the references, as we understand the consortia can present references of all consortia partners jointly in order to fulfill the mandatory and the adittional references requirements. Please confirm.Q4. According to RFP_Section_I_Instructions to Offerors, Article 4 Offeror Eligibility, “if an Offeror does not have all the expertise required for the provision of the services/goods to be provided under the Contract, such Offeror may submit a Proposal in association with other entities”.In case of such association / Joint Venture / Consortium, can you please state and confirm what documents are required as mandatory for each member of such association / Joint Venture / Consortium.Answers:Q1. A offeror must present two references with combined value of 600.000USD. Q2. Each additional reference to the previous similar projects, in the value of USD 400,000 or more will be scored with 1 additional point. The bidder can be scored with the maximum 4 points if 4 similar projects are implemented in the value of USD 400,000 minimum each.Q3. Qualification criteria such as specific experience requirements refer to all joint venture/consortia partners combined.Q4. All members of consortia have to be eligible as defined in the Section I. The documentation to be submitted, next to the mandatory Form A: Joint venture Partner Information Form, are the documents, proving the eligibility of each of the consortia members.

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New clarification added: Question:Due to the fact that the documentation that is required for the tender is complex and requires a lot of preparation, we ask if the deadline for the submission is extended.Answer:We would like to thank you for your suggestion, but for the time being the deadline for submission of the proposals remians the same.However, based on your request, we will evaluate the situation on several more ocassions in the next 14 days. If extended, all interested parties will receive an automatic update information at the same time.

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New clarification added: Questions:How can previous relevant experience be limited to only 2 similar projects with a total value more then $600.000?How you are going to evaluate similarity of the previous projects with current tender?Why only limited to last 3 years?Answers:The technical criteria is defined in the Appendix I in more details, where also the definition of similarity is of the previous projects ("similar project – delivery ofdocument and workflow management solution").The criteria are formed based on the market research, estimated value of the project and in line with the best international practice and UNOPS rules.As this is an open international tender it is of UNOPS best interest to select the company that can prove that it has relevant previous experience, financial capacity to manage the project of the similar scope and financial value and to have the neccessary expertise and resources to implement the most recent technologies that are corresponding to the latest standards and trends in the IT field.The details on the evaluation stages and processes are explained in the tender particulars, Section I: Instructions to Offerors and Section II: Schedule of Requirements and Appendix I: Evaluation criteria.

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New clarification added: Questions:1. What is the preferred location of services?2. Would you prefer a local vendor in Macedonia?3. As per our understanding the the prefered technology platform for new Integrated NPAA Platform will be Microsoft .Net technology and SQL server as a database? Kindly confirm.4.Can we propose a team working from our India office and who can travel onsite as per the project requirement?5. As stated in the Schedule of Requirements document, 'All existing data from the NPAA should be migrated to the new Integrated NPAA Platform' - Kindly share the volume of data and type of data in scope for migraion.6. Kindly share project timelines i.e. expected project start and end date, any critical milestones to be acheived etc.Answers:1. The implementation of the software, business analysis, training as well as the required support should be in Republic of North Macedonia. However, there are some tasks that can be done off-site (like the development for example)2. The RFP is open to all international vendors that satisfy the qualification criteria.3. There is no preferred technology in the technical specification. It is up to the bidder to decide which technology to use.4. That is one possible approach as soon as the team is available on-site to the beneficiary in all activities where it is absolutely needed (like for example during the implementation of the software, business analysis, training as well as the required support).5. The volume of data that needs to be migrated is clearly stated in the A.6.2. Software applications section: for NLEX it is on page 17), with about 7000 records of national legislation and 50,000 records of EU legislation, containing approximately 212 MB; For NPAA data,  it is approximately 140MB. 6. Expected project start and end date: 01 October 2020 - 31 July 2021 Milestones  any critical milestones to be acheived etc.:  These information are available in the FRP: RFP_Section_III_Returnable Bidding Forms.docx, page 5 Table 1 

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