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Call for Proposals (CFP) for Private Sector Co- Investment Grant Facility to support Economic Activities under Rural Electrification in Sierra Leone (RESL).

Call for Proposals (CFP) for Private Sector Co- Investment Grant Facility to support Economic Activities under Rural Electrification in Sierra Leone (RESL). Grant support-call for proposal

Reference: 2020/CFP/B5317/20439/GRT/001
Beneficiary country(ies): Sierra Leone
Published on: 12-Feb-2020
Deadline on: 17-Mar-2020 12:00 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca


Through a Co-Investment Grant Facility, UNOPS issue the call for proposal to collaborate with suitable businesses/organisations with a potential to catalyse economic activities in the mini-grid catchment areas. The targeted locations for proposed interventions are listed in Annexe E. 

The targeted Businesses/Organisations include:

  1. Community group businesses, e.g farmer associations and savings and lending associations, youth groups and women groups; 

  2. Clusters of businesses;

  3. Business Development Service (BDS) providers;

  4. Individual SMEs and large companies;

  5. Existing rural based businesses wishing to diversify into business ventures that use electricity

  6. Development practitioners: Development agencies operating in mini grid catchment areas, including projects and programs that facilitate the development of value-chains and develop the capacity of value-chain actors and service providers.

Sithembile Maunze - sithembilem@unops.org
Email: sithembilem@unops.org
First name: Sithembile
Surname: Maunze
This tender integrates considerations for one or a few sustainability indicators but does not meet the requirements to be considered as sustainable
Gender issues Social

The tender contains sustainability considerations addressing gender equality and women's empowerment.


Gender mainstreaming, targeted employment of women, promotion of women-owned businesses

Local communities and SMEs Economic

The tender contains sustainability considerations regarding local SMEs, local communities or disadvantaged groups.


Reserved labour opportunities for local communities, use of local materials, reserved procurements for local companies

J  -  Services
93000000  -  Politics and Civic Affairs Services
93140000  -  Community and social services
93141900  -  Rural development
93141902  -  Rural investment services
The purpose of this amendment is to add Questions and Answers to the CFP. The document is attached under the document tab as Grant Questions and Answers_02

Changed/edited on: 09-Mar-2020 16:17
Changed/edited by: kingsleym@unops.org
Amendment 1 Dear Sir / Madam, With reference to this CFP, UNOPS wish to amend the following document / sections: 1. Annex A Terms of Reference (TORS)-PRIVATE SECTOR CO-INVESTMENT GRANT FACILITY. A. Co- Investment Grant Facility a. Add lots for each category b. Amend the eligibility and limitation 2. CALL FOR PROPOSALS(CFP)- PRIVATE SECTOR CO- INVESTMENT. A. General instructions for proposal submission a. Amend the deadline for submission to: 17 March 2020 at 12:00 noon Freetown Time (00:00 GMT). B. Eligibility criteria a. Amend the eligibility C. Evaluation process a. Amend the evaluation criteria to add “Evaluation will be done per lot and per each category under each lot. When evaluating more than 1 lot, the requirement for co-contribution will be cumulated” 3. Annex B Grant Application Template_1 A. Amend the pages numbers required for submission 4. Annex E- List of mini-grid sites A. Amend the Annex E to add more information including the villages for each lot. The following documents are therefore amended and added to the CFP as follows: 1. Amendment 1_Annex A Terms of Reference (TORS)-PRIVATE SECTOR CO-INVESTMENT GRANT FACILITY 2. Amendment_CALL FOR PROPOSALS(CFP)- PRIVATE SECTOR CO- INVESTMENT 3. Amendment 1_Annex B Grant Application Template_1 4. Amendment 1_Annex E- List of mini-grid sites 5. Add questions and answers - Clarifications (File name: Grant Questions and Answers) All other instructions, terms and conditions remain unchanged. Thank you

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