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Expression of Interest for the Provision of “Supply and installation of Solar Heating System” to United Nations Organizations in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Expression of Interest for the Provision of “Supply and installation of Solar Heating System” to United Nations Organizations in Thimphu, Bhutan. Request for EOI

Reference: BHU/EOI/2020/01
Beneficiary country(ies): Bhutan
Published on: 21-Jan-2020
Deadline on: 04-Feb-2020 06:00 (GMT 6.00) Almaty, Dhaka, Colombo


Expression of Interest


UNDP, Thimphu.


Procurement Process   :                       RFP- Request for Proposal

Office                          :                       UNDP Office, Thimphu – Bhutan

Deadline                      :                       04.02.2020

Posted on                    :                       21.01.2020

Development Area      :                       Supply and installation of Solar Heating System


Overview: The United Nations Development Programme in Bhutan invites qualified companies to submit their Expression of Interest for the Provision of “Supply and installation of Solar Heating System” to United Nations Organizations in Thimphu, Bhutan.


Objective: This invitation for expression of interest aims to identify suitable and qualified companies to support the “Supply and installation of Solar Heating System” to United Nations Organizations in Thimphu, Bhutan.


The prequalified companies will be invited to participate in a competitive bidding process (RFP) that will culminate in the selection and award of contract with the most qualified and responsive bidder(s).


Brief summary of services to be provided: The suppliers must present procurement committee the installation design, Catalogues, drawings and work plan with different options. The suppliers are also required to inspect the UN building before submission and carry out thorough inspection of the building.


Eligibility criteria: This Invitation for Expression of Interest is open to all International companies. The participating company must be legally registered and have local representation for effective delivery and implementation of the services. Local representation is whereby the partnering company is physically based in Bhutan for providing O&M of systems.


The lead company submitting the EOI should state (in Form 1(a), 9) the existence of such partnership (if already established) and/or, in its absence, confirm (in Form 1(a), 10) that the partnership will be formed if the company is prequalified for the RFP.


UNDP seeks to prequalify companies that have the technical and financial capability to perform the services. The above criteria will be used to pre-qualify bidders to participate in the competitive bidding (RFP).

Additional Information


The EOI from suppliers failing to provide the requested information will be disregarded. Request for Proposal and any subsequent purchase order will be issued in accordance with the rule and procedures of UNDP


This EOI does not entail any commitment on the part of UNDP, either financial or otherwise. UNDP reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EOI without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s the reason for the decision.


This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. UNDP reserves the right to change or cancel this procurement or any of its requirements at any time.


The EOI and accompanying documents must be sent by e-mail to procurement.bt@undp.org, procurement unit, UNDP Thimphu in soft copy latest by 4 February 2020 before 6 PM , Bhutan Time. E-mail submissions should clearly state the EOI Reference Number in the Subject Line of the e-mail. EOI received after the above deadline will not be considered.

Documents/Information to be submitted:

The Expression of Interest must include the information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochure, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc…). and submitted together with Forms 1-5 fully completed.

EOI should be duly signed and stamped. Late/Incomplete submissions may not be accepted/assessed.

A Pre-bid meeting will be hosted with the Companies where the supplier’s representatives are required to make presentation on the supply and installation plan which will then be shortlisted, and the documents will be shared to the shortlisted companies only.

For any further information you may contact Tel: (975) 2 322424/334570/334571/334572/

332956/332957/332958; (Ext) 145. Fax: (975) 2 322657. E-mail: nima@undp.org.

nima nima - nima@undp.org, Tel: +975 2 322424
Email: nima@undp.org
First name: nima
Surname: nima
Telephone country code: Bhutan (+975)
Telephone number: 2 322424
Telephone extension: 145
Sustainable Procurement (SP) practices integrate requirements, specifications and criteria that are compatible and in favour of the protection of the environment, of social progress and in support of economic development, namely by seeking resource efficiency, improving the quality of products and services, and ultimately optimizing costs” (HLCM Procurement Network).Sustainable Procurement is not only one of the SDGs (SDG 12 and goal 12.7), it also contributes to the achievement of all SDGs. This tender meets the United Nations requirements to be considered sustainable. It incorporates at least 3 sustainability considerations (one for each pillar of sustainable development - environmental, social and economic), in accordance with the HLCM Procurement Network’s Sustainable Procurement Working Group - Sustainability Indicators Framework. To learn more about which considerations are included in this tender, please see below for a specific description. All questions related to these considerations should be directed to the procurement official and/or author of this tender.
Promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain Economic

The tender contains sustainability considerations promoting sustainability through the entire supply chain.


Sustainability requirements for tier 2 suppliers, identification and approval of subcontractors

Social health and well-being Social

The tender contains sustainability considerations promoting health and general well-being of consumers/recipients of the good or service.


Hazardous chemicals handling, labelling of chemicals

Supplier audits Generic

The tender incorporates contract conditions/KPIs that stipulate the verification of suppliers' environmental and social claims through “spot checks” and audit provisions.

Sustainable resource use Environmental

The tender contains sustainability considerations promoting the sustainable use of resources.


Energy-saving measures, recycling, take-back programmes and responsible end-of-life management

UN Global Compact Generic

The tender contains sustainability considerations promoting vendors' participation to the UN Global Compact.

Whole life cycle cost Economic

The tender considers the whole life cycle cost of the service or product.

D  -  Construction, Transportation & Facility Equipment & Supplies
40000000  -  Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components
40100000  -  Heating and ventilation and air circulation
40101800  -  Heating equipment and parts and accessories
40101807  -  Solar heating units