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National competitive bid - Procuring of IT Equipment for CNM (re-bid)

National competitive bid - Procuring of IT Equipment for CNM (re-bid) Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2018/4930
Beneficiary country(ies): Cambodia
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 18-Jun-2018
Deadline on: 22-Jun-2018 07:00 0.00

The United Nations Office for Project Services (hereinafter referred to as UNOPS) is pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit a bid in accordance with the UNOPS General Conditions of Contract and the Schedule of Requirements as set out in this Request for Quotation (RFQ), for any of the following lots:
  1. Desktops - 10units
  2. Laptops - 20units
  3. External Hard Disk - 20units
  4. Photocopy Machine Multifunction Function - 1unit
  5. Wall screen projector with remote control - 1unit
  6. High Quality Desk Wireless Microphone - 3sets (1set = 8 mics/receiver)
  7. Sound System Set - 1unit
If you are interested in submitting a bid in response to this Request for Quotation (RFQ), please prepare your bid in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this Request for Quotation (RFQ) and submit it to UNOPS by the deadline for bid submission set out in this Request for Quotation (RFQ). The evaluation will be lot by lot.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the UNOPS eSourcing system, via the UNGM portal. In order to access the full UNOPS tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a UNOPS vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available at: https://esourcing.unops.org/#/Help/Guides

This tender has been posted through the UNOPS eSourcing system. Cet avis a été publié au moyen du système eSourcing de l'UNOPS. Esta licitación ha sido publicada usando el sistema eSourcing de UNOPS.
G  -  Business, Communication & Technology Equipment & Supplies
43000000  -  Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
43210000  -  Computer Equipment and Accessories
43211500  -  Computers
43211503  -  Notebook computers
43211600  -  Computer accessories
43211607  -  Computer speakers
43211700  -  Computer data input devices
43211719  -  Voice microphones for computers
44000000  -  Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies
44100000  -  Office machines and their supplies and accessories
44101500  -  Duplicating machines
44101501  -  Photocopiers
I  -  Personal, Domestic & Consumer Equipment & Supplies
60000000  -  Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies
60100000  -  Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies
60106200  -  Technology teaching aids and materials
60106204  -  Computer science teaching aids or materials
New clarification added: Q1 - l am requesting clarification where is our company fail to win tender ?A1 - It was recommended to rebid due to problem with e-sourcing. Q2 - its international tender ?A2 - It is national tender  and only Companies registered in Cambodia is considered.

Changed/edited on: 20-Jun-2018 10:24
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New clarification added: Dear Lincon,Only companies registered in Cambodia can be considered.

Changed/edited on: 20-Jun-2018 07:53
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