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Feasibility Studies for piloting small-scale, turnkey Waste-to-Energy solutions in Jordan, Turkey and Tokelau.

Feasibility Studies for piloting small-scale, turnkey Waste-to-Energy solutions in Jordan, Turkey and Tokelau. Request for proposal

Reference: RFP600561
Beneficiary country(ies): Jordan, Tokelau, Turkey
Published on: 23-Feb-2018
Deadline on: 16-Mar-2018 17:00 (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


Provision of Consultancy Services under UNDP Project GP600561 "Piloting Waste-to-Energy Solutions in Humanitarian Contexts" Phase I - Feasibility studies for piloting small-scale, turnkey waste-to-energy solutions in Jordan, Turkey and Tokelau.

Waste management and access to energy services are important development issues that are often not sufficiently considered in humanitarian contexts. Current solutions often address the immediate needs of the population in crisis response, but do not always consider the longer-term impacts and future needs. Insufficient supply of energy and unsafe waste disposal, including pollution of water resources, can exacerbate public health threats and environmental problems, generate instability and conflict between affected populations, and have disastrous consequences for their future livelihoods. There is a need to identify viable waste management and energy supply solutions that can be applied quickly to a variety of humanitarian contexts. Such solutions should not only address the immediate needs after a disaster or crisis hits, but also protect the health, safety, environment and livelihoods of affected populations, while building resilience to future shocks and leading to a sustainable development path. Small-scale (average throughput on 5t/day with possibility for scale-up), turnkey waste-to-energy (WtE) onsite solutions (containerized, modular or other) provide an opportunity to address both waste management and energy supply challenges in humanitarian contexts.

As the use of WtE technology is context specific the project covers three humanitarian contexts facing waste management and energy challenges. This approach enables testing the viability of different WtE technologies and approaches that could later be scaled up and implemented in different types of humanitarian situations. The selected locations for piloting the WtE technology have been identified, considering these factors: existing waste management and energy supply challenges in the local context; the location can provide different context specific learning that relates to humanitarian situations (protracted crisis related to displaced and/or refugee populations in host communities and camps, remote small island state with limited resources and susceptibility to natural hazards); potential to test WtE technology in lower-risk locations to identify the optimal solutions that can be rolled-out in higher-risks humanitarian context, and; potential to build on existing UNDP initiatives to more efficiently scale-up if proven successful. These considerations should be taken into account by the consultancy when undertaking feasibility studies and identifying appropriate WtE solutions for the three pilot countries: Turkey, Jordan and Tokelau.

The overall objective of this assignment is to conduct three feasibility studies covering each of the three pilot countries (Jordan, Turkey, Tokelau) and to prepare the necessary documentation (business model) for piloting small-scale, turnkey WtE solutions (containerized, modular, other) for humanitarian contexts in the selected countries.

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