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Supply and Installation of Air Conditions split units in Jordan

Supply and Installation of Air Conditions split units in Jordan Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2018/2743
Beneficiary country(ies): Jordan
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 03-Jan-2018
Deadline on: 14-Jan-2018 10:00 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

Tender description: Supply, delivery , installation & connection to power supply of A/C Split units at different sites in Jordan


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D  -  Construction, Transportation & Facility Equipment & Supplies
40000000  -  Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components
40100000  -  Heating and ventilation and air circulation
40101700  -  Cooling equipment and parts and accessories
40101701  -  Air conditioners
New amendment added #1: Dear Bidder,       Please note that Amendment 1 consists of the one clause listed below. This document is considered as integral part of this ITB.Clause 1 – Amendment of “Form B: Price Schedule Form”:Price Schedule Form was amended by decreasing the quantity for Item # 2- options (a & b): "AC Split unit: 24,000 (2.0 Ton)". Please refer to Document Tab to find the revised ““Form B: Price Schedule Form” under "RFQ_Section_III_Returnable Bidding Forms-rev. 1" in Word format  All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. 

Changed/edited on: 04-Jan-2018 12:05
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New clarification added: Question:The number of 2.0 Ton in Schedule of Requirements are 7,but in Price Schedule Form are 13.I want to know the exact number of 2.0 Ton.UNOPS REPLY: The requested quantity for AC split unit (2.0) ton should be read as 7 unit. However, the amendment version will follow soon

Changed/edited on: 04-Jan-2018 08:44
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New clarification added: Question: Regarding installation, Do you accept if we will supply require products and then UNOPS will arrange for installation as installation is not in our scope for your location. UNOPS REPLY: Please note that the scope of works shall include the supply, delivery, installation and connection of A/C split units to power supply at different in Jordan 

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