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The UN system of organizations cannot avoid taking its own responsibility and engage in contributing to more sustainable patterns of development also with its own behaviour on the market. But sustainable procurement is a complex policy to set in motion. Capacity building and assistance to beginners needs to be provided; innovative approaches and experiences on sustainable procurement policies implementation need to be shared.

Guiding documents in defining the boundaries of UN sustainable procurement should be the major treaties and protocols that the UN promotes in the field of environment and sustainable development, such as the Millennium Development Goals and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Providing tools, training and awareness-raising to procurers is particularly important to allow them to effectively and correctly implement the sustainable procurement policy. This material - developed by the HLCM network, the Sustainable UN Team (SUN) and the EMG (Environmental Management Group) – is designed to assist UN procurement staff with advice and tools on sustainable procurement.

HLCM-PN Sustainable Procurement Statement

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Available Tools

United Nations Sustainable Procurement Guidelines



NEW - Guide on Sustainable Procurement for the UN System.

This new Guide provides arguments, examples and practical tools for UN procurement practitioners on how to successfully introduce sustainability criteria in their work

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